Koba Capabilities & Programs

Throughout its more than 40-year history, Koba has been dedicated to helping those in need succeed. Below is a sampling of the projects that Koba has managed and implemented during that period. All of these projects were undertaken by members of Koba’s senior management and staff, under the direction of the company’s founder, president and CEO Ford T. Johnson, Jr..


White House Press Office
White HouseSupport Services to the President
Under this five-year contract, Koba provided an array of administrative and logistical support services to the White House Press Office, including the preparation of final copy transcripts of all official remarks, statements, interviews, and briefings of the President of the United States and selected senior administration officials. Turn-around times ranged between 30 minutes and 24 hours, depending on the transcripts’ nature and importance. In addition, Koba assisted the Press Office by preparing for press conferences, preparing official news releases, traveling with the President across the country and around the world, assisting in the production of all material while the President was away from the White House, and distributing key documents to public officials and the press corps.

DEADrug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Information System (NADDIS)
Under this contract, Koba employed approximately 100 skilled, security-cleared data analysts to provided document review, data analysis, and on-line data entry support to the DEA. Koba reviewed thousands of standardized DEA intelligence documents each week, extracting key data elements (i.e. names and locations of individuals, vessels, vehicles, and places suspected of involvement in illicit drug trafficking) and entering them into the NADDIS database. As a result, new records were created on new subjects, existing records on subjects who were already being tracked by the DEA were modified and expanded, and information that had previously been mis-entered or mis-referenced was corrected.


NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
Management Training Program for Laboratory Supervisory Personnel
Under contract with the NIAID, Koba provided training in supervisory and problem-solving skills to members of the Intramural Research Program (IRP). Koba developed a unique approach to improving management by training participants to distinguish between staff problems caused by interpersonal disagreements, problems rooted in structural deficiencies, and problems that grew from a combination of interpersonal and structural issues. As part of this program, Koba also emphasized the need for managers to analyze time usage and needs in order to improve efficiency and, additionally, provided training in the exercise of severe disciplinary action. 


Ministry of Health, IndonesiaMinistry of Health, Republic of Indonesia
Technical Support in Health Outreach
Under contract to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Koba worked with two sub-contractors to provide expert technical assistance to the Ministry of Health in the development of health outreach and critical services to the major islands of Indonesia. Throughout the two year period of this contract, Koba staff lived and worked full-time in Indonesia, coordinating closely with the local USAID staff and the United States embassy in Jakarta.

Ministry of Education, BahamasMinistry of Education, Bahamas
Summer Education Program for Youth
Working as part of a joint contract, members of Koba’s senior management staff provided technical support to the Ministry of Education in creating a summer youth education program. Koba coordinated resources from local businesses, who worked in a cooperative manner with the ministry to provide education materials and other supports essential to the programs success..

Ministry of Education, GhanaMinistry of Education, Republic of Ghana
Rural Education and Training Program
Confronted with large numbers of youth leaving rural communities to find jobs in urban centers and the consequent problem of high unemployment among this population, the Ministry of Education worked with Koba’s senior management staff to develop rural training and education programs in an effort to reduce the rate of unemployment. These programs brought management and other related skills to rural communities that were principally involved in the agricultural sector offering jobs and opportunities for youth returning to those communities.


D.C. DHSD.C. Department of Human Services and Mental Health Services Administration
Research and Development of Recommendations for the D.C. Forensic Mental Health System
Under this contract, Koba assembled a staff of attorneys, psychologists, human service delivery specialists, and research methodologists to create a minimum of four reports on the reorganization of the D.C. forensic mental health system, in addition to a summary final report and notation of findings to committees and working groups of senior administrators from the federal and D.C. governments. Koba also provided a range of research and analytical support to the Mental Health Services Reorganization Office in such fields as youth services and juvenile forensics.

DYRSD.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS)
Mental Health Treatment for Committed and Detained Youth at the Oak Hill Youth Center
Under this contract, Koba's team of four clinical psychologists and a psychiatrist provided full-time mental health services to detained and committed youth between the ages of 13 and 18. Thee services included: crisis intervention; individual, group, and family therapy; psychological evaluations; psychiatric screening; lock-down visitations; drug counseling; and staff training and support. Koba also recruited and trained additional staff to provide 24-hour on-call emergency psychiatric services. In addition, Koba assisted YSA in introducing a treatment team approach at Oak Hill and worked closely with YSA and the Mental Health Services Administration to integrate its efforts into longstanding programs and services at the facility.


D.C Commission of Public HealthD.C. Commission of Public Health
PCP Treatment Process Protocol
As part of the "Quality of Care Assessment of Selected Commission of Public Health Ambulatory Health Care Systems" project, Koba developed the first professionally-designed process assessment protocol for PCP intoxication and delirium treatment. In collaboration with the American Psychological Association and the D.C. Mental Health Services Administration, Koba defined the chemical and aftercare requirements for acceptable treatment. This Koba-designed protocol was successfully utilized to assess the quality of care for PCP patients admitted to the D.C. Mental Health Services Administration Crisis Unit and to D.C. General Hospital.

D.C. Department of Human Services and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Administration
ADAPT: Multi-modality Outpatient Drug Treatment Services
Koba provided cost-effective management of a multi-modality drug treatment program, Against Drugs and Alcohol with Planned Treatment (ADAPT), in support of the District of Columbia’s effort to evaluate and treat substance abusers referred by the Central Intake Division. In addition to establishing a comprehensive psycho-educational program, Koba's interdisciplinary approach incorporated a variety of therapeutic approaches and support services, such as crisis intervention, outpatient detoxification, group counseling, biofeedback therapy, acupuncture, cranial electrostimulation, and outpatient drug-free programs. Koba’s approach also integrated methadone maintenance, using the first automated methadone dispensing system in the Washingtonarea.

OSAPOffice of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP)
TEAM: Demonstration Grant for the Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among High Risk Youth
Under this grant from OSAP, Koba provided an intensive and comprehensive prevention program targeting 3rd-6th graders who, by the nature of their environmental circumstances, were at risk of engaging in drug and alcohol abuse. The TEAM Program (Talented, Educational, And Makin’ it), incorporated multiple levels of intervention and was implemented in the Arthur Capper - Carrollsburg Dwellings housing complex in the District of Columbia.


Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

Horizon House
DJSUnder contract with the Depart¬ment of Juvenile Services for the State of Maryland, Koba provided a program of structured shelter care for up to 15 youths between the ages of 12 and 18, both males and females, on the grounds of the Boys’ Village Complex (now the Cheltenham Youth Facility). Youths served under this program were at different stages of juvenile justice process: awaiting intake screenings; further placements; or adjudicatory or dispositional hearings on delinquent children in need of supervision (CINS), or children in need of assistance (CINA) petitions. All were in need of a definitive placement either at home, in a group home setting, or in a residential treatment facility. Koba provided the following services at Horizon House: twenty-four hour emergency placement and supervision; behavior management program; health care services; food, lodging, home repair and maintenance services; educational services; drug and alcohol education, assessment, and counseling; staff training; and community linkages.


D.C. Child and Youth Services Administration

Family Care and In-Home Family Services and Respite Care Program
Child & Youth ServicesKoba provided intensive home-based mental health services to children in crisis and their families in an effort to increase the capabilities of the family to care for the youth, enable youths to maintain their maximum level of functioning while remaining at home and in their community, and ultimately to avoid psychiatric hospitalization. All families served were referred through the Central Intake Branch of the Child and Youth Services Administration. Koba's home-based intervention program provided a variety of diagnostic and treatment services, including: psychiatric assess¬ments; medical screenings and referrals for medical examinations; psycho-social assessments; behavioral assessments; and psychological assessments. In addition, the program also provided: crisis intervention services (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week); self-esteem building; parent skills training; community linkages; psychological services; individual/family therapy; parental support; family maintenance; transportation services; and in-home respite.



NIDANational Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
NIDA 3 Cities Research Study
As part of a 40-city study conducted by NIDA, Koba was awarded a three-year contract to study the attitudes and behaviors of intravenous drug users in 3 cities: San Diego, California; Laredo, Texas; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Data collected in the study provided an opportunity to analyze the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of intravenous drug users regarding their drug use and sexual behaviors. The results, in turn, could be used to inform educational and behavioral management programs for reducing the spread of HIV infection among IV-drug-using populations. 

Commission of Public HealthD.C. Commission of Public Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Administration, and D.C. Public Schools
Applying Evaluation Research to the Problems of Drugs in the Schools
Under this contract, Koba developed and implemented a survey to collect data on the use of and attitudes toward drugs among a sample of 3,000 junior and senior high school students from 21 high schools in the D.C. public school system. Koba's efforts led to the creation of a database that established a profile of social, developmental, and economic indicators associated with drug use. The data was subsequently utilized to predict the need for targeted substance abuse prevention and intervention services for youth in the District of Columbia.

 CPH/OMCHDistrict of Columbia Commission of Public Health/Office of Maternal and Child Health (CPH/OMCH)
Development of an Evaluation Instrument for Maternal and Child Health Outreach Programs
Under this contract, Koba conducted on-site visits to OMCH-funded outreach projects, reviewed literature to identify the universe of program topologies, and developed a generic instrument for evaluating maternal and child health outreach projects. The CPH staff was then able to use the instrument to evaluate each program’s success in meeting its objectives and in reaching its target populations. These evaluations were taken into consideration when determining the allocation of program resources and the continuation of project funding.

D.C. Department of Human Services and D.C. Commission of Public Health
Quality of Care Assessment of Selected Commission of Public Health Ambulatory Health Care Systems
Under this contract, Koba assessed the quality of care delivered by the D.C. Ambulatory Health Care Administration (AHCA), the first evaluation of its kind ever to be performed for the AHCA. Koba examined the structure, process, and impact of the care and services provided; audited over 1,000 medical, dental, and mental health patient records; and interviewed over 284 users of AHCA and AHCA-related clinical services. Koba’s final report included recommendations for specific actions to improve the quality of the care that AHCA provides.


NIANational Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Technical Assistance Project
Koba began providing peer review services for NIJ research and evaluation programs in 1979, coordinating the efforts of over 1000 scholars and justice system professionals from universities, state and local governments, and the private sector working on a broad range of criminal justice issues. In the course of the project, Koba has been responsible for handling over 1000 requests for technical assistance, fielding as many as 60 assignments and 150 consultants at a time.

NIJJDPNational Institute for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (NIJJDP)
Technical Assistance Project
Under this contract, Koba established a peer review and provided technical assistance in support of the research initiatives set by NIJJDP. Koba managed the peer-review of research proposals, evaluation of research reports, provision of associated logistical support, and other related tasks. Koba identified, secured the services of, and negotiated consulting rates for over 300 juvenile justice and delinquency prevention researchers and service providers. These individuals, as subcontractors to Koba, were available to undertake technical assistance tasks and comprised NIJJDP's first "consultant roster."


NCHS/ OHRONational Center of Health Statistics/Office of Health Resource Opportunity (NCHS/ OHRO)
Assessment of NCHS Activities Relating to Minority Statistics
Under this contract, Koba organized a conference on NCHS’s minority statistics program and issued a report of recommendations made at the conference. In planning the three-day conference, Koba identified 200 profes­sionals from a variety of fields (e.g. sociology, health care, medicine, statistics, and epidemi­ology) representing many minority groups, including Native Americans, Asian Americans, Blacks, and Hispanics. In its report, Koba identified the need for minority statistics, noted problems encountered in gathering them, and outlined ways in which minority specialists could become involved in the survey cycle process. NCHS utilized this report to evaluate its minority statistics program and to assist in furthering its affirmative action and civil rights plans.

NIDANational Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Administrative and Conference Support for Program Technical Review Meetings
NIDA contracted with Koba to provide logistical and conference support for 50 scientific and technical review meetings on project proposals. Koba designated consultants, distributed material for review, provided travel information, arranged for hotel and travel accommodations, prepared cost proposals and expense reports for each meeting, and reviewed reimbursement and honoraria request for accuracy and conformity to Federal guidelines.


Chemical Research and Development CenterChemical Research and Development Center (U.S. Department of the Army)
Logistical and Administrative Support for the Entry/Exit Colloquium.
Koba handled all logistical and conference support for the Entry/Exit Colloquium, a two-day forum in which U.S. government officials, private sector groups, and foreign governments and research agencies exchange information concerning chemical defense systems. Koba prepared conference materials, pre-registered participants, coordinated accommodations, conducting on-site registra­tion and support, evaluated the conference, and compiled papers. With DOD security clearances required for all participants and staff, Koba worked closely with Department of the Army officials to plan logistics for both classified and unclassified sessions.

National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal JusticeNational Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
First National Conference on Criminal Justice Evaluation
Under this contract, Koba organized the first national conference on criminal justice evaluation. Koba undertook a comprehensive literature review of criminal justice evaluations, prepared a background document, coordinated the selection of conference speakers and panelists, managed all logistical arrangements for the conference, and published the conference proceedings.

Environmental Protection Agency
Training Seminars for Federal and State Officials in the Use of Toxic Chemical Information Systems
EPAUnder this contract, Koba designed and delivered 35 orientation sessions on chemical information systems to regional, state, and local EPA officials involved in managing toxic substances. In preparation for these sessions, Koba staff undertook an extensive assessment of the data requirements at the state and regional levels, developed in-depth familiarity with the scope, content, and appropriate search techniques of a variety of electronic databases, and retrieved and reviewed literature in a range of subject areas. In addition, Koba developed a comprehensive handbook for session participants, describing over 100 on-line chemical information databases.


In addition to the projects listed here, Koba has provides expertise, assistance, and service in the following areas:
• AIDS research and education
• Comprehensive community care
• Training and organizational development
• Maternal and child health
• Environmental consulting services
To view a detailed listing of additional projects, across all fields, click here.